Christianity, Buddhism, And Indian World Essay

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Throughout the Roman, and Indian world, the religions of Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism became the predominant faith for each civilization. Each ruler chose to convert to their new religion out of genuine belief that it was what was best for their people. Constantine, The Emperor of Rome, converted to the Christian faith after having a vision on the battlefield; accompanied that night by a dream that instructed him to fight in the name of the Christian god. This vision had such a profound effect on the Emperor that he converted to Christianity and it eventually becomes the dominant faith of the Roman Empire. Ashoka, ruler of the Mauryan dynasty in India, converted religions while already in power much like emperor Constantine, but unlike Constantine Ashoka did not have a vision or a dream, Ashoka converted to the peaceful and non-violent religion of Buddhism after a very bloody and destructive war. After the war was over Ashoka not only made a personal conversion but also chose to rule through the teachings of Buddhism. Alongside Buddhism, the religion of Hinduism was taking shape. Hinduism arose from the earlier teachings from the Vedas and the Upanishads. Also, like Buddhism, Hinduism moved away from the rituals of the Brahmins. By taking a closer look at all three one can see why each religion was able to gain such a strong following, also how and why rulers used religion to govern their state, and also effects they had on culture and tradition.
Each religion…

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