Christianity And The Roman Empire Essay

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In the time of Roman rule many ideas tried and failed to intervene with the traditions and ideals of the polytheistic way of life. But the idea that broke through the traditions of paganism was the “cult” of Christianity. Christianity took the Roman Empire and people into a different age of ideals and ways of life. In this essay the evidence through ancient writings and events will portray the transformation of a deeply paganist empire to the strictly Christian empire it became. It will show the changes that the Christianity brought to the pagan Roman Empire and how it developed into the first Christian empire. During the years of a Roman Republic, many rules and customs were laid out. For example, a list of rules was written in the An Ideal State, A Roman Style: “When however, a serious war occurs, or civil strife, a single man shall be invested with the power the normally belongs to the tow consuls, if the Senate so decrees. But this dictatorship shall not last longer than six months.” (98) These rules were used when officials asked Cincinnatus to come and help the Roman government during a war. “Greetings were exchanged, and he was asked- with a prayer for God’s blessing on himself and his country- to put on his toga and hear the Senate’s instructions.” (86, Livy, The Early History of Rome.) Cincinnatus followed the rules and left before six months, in fact in head of time, although he was offered the job of staying longer. When the Republic became the…

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