Christianity And The Roman Empire Essay

1153 Words Mar 8th, 2016 5 Pages
Christianity, begins about twenty centuries ago, starts out with only the Jewish population, has expanded into Romans, Muslims, and other culture groups. With Jesus’s words spread to the gentiles, the Romans decides to execute thousands of Christian because they see Christians as major threat of the fall of the Roman Empire, which results in the Great Persecution in 303. After Constantine takes over, as Romans accept Christianity, he releases Edict of Milan in 313, which legalizes Christianity and other religions. (Cohen “Roman Responses to the New Superstition”). Furthermore, during Muhammad’s time in Mecca, he shows no sign of hatred against Christianity because he allows Christians to do their own things. Scholars, in many years, are doubting not only the origin of Christianity, they doubt the spread of Christianity to the gentiles during the Roman Empire Period actually change the Romans’ view of Christianity, which causes the great persecution and the Edith of Milan. How did Paul conversion to a Christian and his spread of Jesus’s words across the Roman Empire impact Roman and Muhammad’s view of Christianity? Paul’s teachings impact not only Romans and Muhammad’s view on Christianity, his teachings change the whole dynamics of Christianity. Without Paul, the Romans will not be able to worship Jesus, nor Constantine legalize Christianity. Ultimately, without Paul’s teachings, Christianity will not spread into the Muslim and affect Muhammad willingness to adapt and…

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