Christianity And Its Impact On The World Essay

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In cultures all over the world, religion has become so important that is has become intertwined with many societies and has served as the guiding point in many people’s lives. Christianity is the most practiced and by far the most popular religion in the world. We see it everywhere spanning from north America all the way to northeast Asia. Christianity was founded roughly about 2000 years ago and has since then endured many drastic changes ( Europe has been the region where the most change has occurred because during the medieval period, it went from being intolerable to modern times where it is now the most widely practiced faith in the world. There are differentiating viewpoints on when Christianity actually began, however most scholars agree that it was sometime immediately after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Over the next few hundred years, the faith began to spread, and when Christianity finally made its way to Europe, it became known for its intolerance of the Romans polytheistic view because it conflicted with their view of one God. The Christians viewed the Roman beliefs as corrupt and idolatrous, and they essentially condemned them to destruction after the Last Judgement ( At the time that Christianity was rising, the Roman Empire saw itself faced with not only political and military problems, but now religion, which inevitably began to lead to its slow fall. Along with the many problems that the Romans were facing, they…

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