Christianity And Its Impact On Religion Essay

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Unit 4 Paper:
Constantine is one of the main reasons for freedom of religion still to this day. Christianity was once banned from the Roman empire. When Constantine became the Roman Emperor he legalized Christianity making it okay for people to practice the religion. While doing so, he also allowed people to practice the religion of their choice. Constantine had an impact on Christianity for that reason. However, he also had a substantial amount of impact on religion as a whole due to the fact that we are able to practice whatever religion we please still to this day. Many other leaders throughout the centuries have followed Constantine’s aid to religion. There are benefits of state support for religion, but there are also negative aspects.
There are many benefits to state support for religion. One of the biggest benefits for state aid for religion is homogeneity. When a certain nation is built up of different religions or non-religious people they are rarely able to come to a mutual agreement about public resources and laws because they all have different beliefs. In the end, everyone is divided which can become tense and deranged. One political group can become powerful, which will result in different plans due to their religious views. If the state and religion can unite, it can be extremely influential in all aspects. Almost all religions have one thing in common, they want peace within humanity. Therefore, they can help society become generous, and ethical. It will…

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