Christianity And Islam : Two Major Religions Essay

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Christianity and Islam are two major religions that both have an enormous amount of followers. They share common beginnings, values and some standards for instance beliefs like prophets being God 's messengers, God being supreme, and judgement day being based off of what a person’s actions and faith are while living on earth. The Quran and the Bible are referred to as the two holy books written through God 's inspiration though the Quran is believed to be verbally revealed to prophet.
Christianity is a religious which the followers believes in God the father and the Holy Spirit. People who practice this religion are referred to as Christians. They believe Jesus Christ is the messiah who was sent down by God to save mankind, they us the holy bible as a guide of their faith. Christians also believe that the messiah who came in the form of Jesus Christ suffered, died and resurrected to clean them free of sin. They also believed that he would come back to reward those who have lived alongside the guidelines taught by the holy bible. Islam is an Arabic word meaning submission and therefore Islam religion is believed to be an Abrahamic religion which believes in submission to the almighty God Allah and Muhammad as the prophet. The Quran is the holy book believed to be the Guide of the Muslims who are of the Islamic religion. It is though that Allah repeatedly revealed it to Muhammad verbally through angel Jibril and the original Arabic version is the final revelation from God.…

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