Christianity And Islam : Christianity Vs. Islam Essay

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Christianity vs. Islam
During the Middle Ages, both Christianity and Islam began to be highly expressive of their religion via artwork. Although both Christianity and Islam came about in the Middle East during medieval times, they have totally different ideas on their god and its nature. Christians believe in God as a Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Muslims believe in one God, Allah, and “ anyone who says God is anything but a single entity is guilty of blasphemy” (Carey). Christians have a set congregational day of worship on Sunday, while the Islam religion practices theirs on a Friday. Christians believe that Jesus was the son of God, however Muslims do not believe their god, Allah, even had a son. They believe that Jesus was only a prophet, not the son of God nor part of the trinity. “In fact, the Qur 'an is very clear that anyone who says God is anything but a single entity is guilty of blasphemy” (Carey). Christianity revolves around the idea that God’s love for us is completely unconditional; He accepts all sinners regardless of whether or not they have been faithful. Christianity teaches that God loves everyone the same, and that nothing can change His love for all of mankind. On the other hand, “Muslims have to do something to earn the love of Allah, he does not love unless that love is earned. Those who do not earn Allah 's love, he is said to hate.” (Carey). Christianity holds a strong belief that you can have a personal relationship with God,…

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