My Religion Essay

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The fate of John and Mary is very clear in my religion, which is Christianity, the true religion X. On the Day of Judgment, John will head to heaven while Mary goes to hell. Many will ask why? John murdered people, raped children, and was never religious in his life. He just converted in the last sixty seconds of his life. He truly deserves to go to hell - not Mary, who was always a genuinely good person who took care of people. Even I, a Christian, because I am a human being, would want Mary to be rewarded and John to be punished. However, in my religion, we believe that it is not the religious duties or moral duties that lead us to heaven. Ultimately, it is the ideational duties, the required beliefs that lead us to heaven. Yes, it is taught …show more content…
The true religion, Christianity, requires us to believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that he died on the cross for our sins. Those who do not truly believe in this cannot be saved. No matter how many good deeds you did, and no matter how you are the nicest person in your neighborhood, if you do not believe in the truth, you cannot be saved. Thinking outside of Christianity, if all were to be saved, no one would want to be good – they would just do whatever they want to do because in the end, they are going to be saved. There would be social chaos because I know that some of those who are religious stop themselves from doing certain things so that they can go to heaven. So in the end, not only is the fact that only a few are saved this true, but it is better for everyone. It will motivate people to be good, since no one wants to go to hell, which is good for this society. People will ask, “What about those who were not given the chance to hear and learn about the true religion?” This question saddens me because I know there are many out there who did not hear about God’s love yet. I have no answer to this question, but hopefully there is a difference between those who heard and rejected and those who never got the chance to hear it due to different circumstances. But without a doubt, the true religion states that only a few will be saved – hence, John goes to heaven while Mary does

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