Essay about Christianity And Buddhism : Different Religions

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Christianity and Buddhism are very different religions. These religions come from very far regions of the globe. These religions have done a lot to shape the culture of people and whole countries around the world. Both of these religions are definitely the most influential religions of all time. Although they are different, they both compare and contrast greatly. This paper will compare and contrast both of these religions in detail.
Before discussing the similarities and differences in these religions, it is essential to have an understanding of the main beliefs of both religions. Buddhism can be seen as a religions of practice rather than a religion of faith. Buddhist basically follow in the practices of the Buddha to ultimately achieve Nirvana. Buddhism revolves around 4 noble truths. The 4 Noble Truths pretty much say that there is suffering in this world and it is caused from attachment. The only way to end suffering is end all attachment in this world. In order to do that, one must follow the Noble Eightfold Path. These teachings are the center of the Buddha’s teachings. This is a basic overview of Buddhism
Christianity is more of a faith religion. This religions centers around a system of beliefs. Christians believe that there is one one god. Christians are to love god and all of god’s children. They follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the son of god. Christians are to also follow the Ten Commandments. Those who follow Christianity believe that…

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