Essay about Christianity : A New Concept Of Belief

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Christianity in ancient Rome was a new concept of belief, it was monotheistic, and this made some people curious: others automatically hate it. Christianity intrigued some because it promised a glorious life that could not be bought. Rich and powerful Romans were not ready to adapt to the notion that women and the poor could have a glorious life and future just as easily as them. As a result Romans felt threatened and decided to ban Christianity. Until one noble emperor finally came into play and passed The Edict of Milan which made Christianity legal. Christianity started as a completely foreign religion that was shunned upon in comparison to the polytheistic Roman religion, it gave hope to minorities like, women and the poor. Christianity was able to transform into the largest religion today, and it would not have been possible without the leap a few emperors took to cultural adjustment.
Change, it is that one thing, no one truly likes, but without it the human race would cease to exist. The utter hatred some people have to change is what drove the majority of Ancient Romans to first hate Christianity. Christianity, which was not officially called Christianity yet, came to Rome in the first century with few believers. Their few numbers did not affect the fact that they had complete devotion for their religion. Once those few believers began to spread their ideas and show that life after death, and equality was possible for everyone, more people started to listen.…

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