Christian 's View Of Discipleship Essay

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1. Camp presents a bold and challenging proposition that Christian’s, especially Americans have missed the mark when it comes to discipleship from Biblical example. He gives a prime example of the Rwandan genocide and how Rwanda was a mostly Christian nation. In this he shows that the “discipleship” process was a failure, and that there must be more to true discipleship. Camp brings across the point that we are to be Christian, first, and then identified with other concepts and attributes later. In that, he shows that following Christ should be on the forefront of every decision we made, and should dictate how we choose to stand on certain topics.
2. For the first part of Mere Discipleship Camp seems to be breaking down the fundamentals of how Christian’s have been viewing their faith lived out in western culture. He spends a lot of time pointing out where Christianity has been ignorant to certain consequences, or aspects of life. He does so to break down our “Westernized” way of looking at faith, so that a clearer frame of mind can hear out his argument of what we are to do later in the book. Camp believes Christians should be extremely influential in culture, but through a manner of passivity and peace. He gives a lot of historical context to explain why we think the way we do, and how certain people’s views influenced the way that we think today. He gives examples of Constantine, Augustine, Celcus, Origen, ect to give some explanation of certain historical…

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