Christian Worldview And Its Impact On Life Essay examples

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People look at the world according to their beliefs, background, and experiences. Not all people view the world the same way, and the way a person views the world has a great impact on their life. A Christian worldview includes many parts, and can provide a guide for how to live life. Christians choose to live life, make decisions, and form relationships according to their Christian worldview. Christians think about and apply their knowledge and beliefs to their lives every day. It can possibly be confusing or overwhelming for people who haven’t grown up in the church their whole lives to understand how Christians apply their faith to their lives. It, at times, can be complex and confusing while at the same time be very simple. The various parts of the Christian worldview include God, humanity, Jesus, and the restoration.
Christian Worldview
God is an all-powerful being. He is also eternal, all-knowing, in control of everything, and everywhere at the same time. God exists as one entity in three distinct beings as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. God became human, as Jesus, to live on Earth among people and experience life as a human. He did this while remaining sinless, and at the same time providing an example of how people should live. Jesus faced temptation, fatigue, love, and other human emotions while living on Earth. God, in the form of Jesus, sacrificed himself and took on the sin of all mankind so that humanity may be forgiven and have eternal life.…

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