Essay about Christian Views Of A Christian Liberal Arts Education

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A Christian liberal arts education does not have a textbook definition but is a solid foundation of teachings that are most essential towards a development of knowledge. This knowledge is then turned a personal worldview, which is comprised of previous teachings, experiences, and beliefs. In Heaven is a Place on Earth, Michael Wittmer states, “A worldview is a framework of fundamental concepts of beliefs about the world. In short, a worldview comprises the lens through which we see the world.” A Christian worldview is frequently present in all three of the texts. Throughout the texts this outlook is prevalent from examples of serving in troubled areas and giving forgiveness to those in need.
The Christian worldview is a comprehensive conception of the world from a Christian standpoint. Using the bible as a filter, this understanding is built from the actions of others around us – which guides our actions. An individual’s worldview can be a narrowed focus or a broaden vision. This outlook on life is a harmony of all our beliefs about the world. This perceptional view is the basis for making daily decisions and determining reality. In the Book silence, the discussion of pushing Christianity into Japan, where it is not wanted. In Plato’s, Allegory of the Cave, the new worldview once departing the cave depicts the courage to experience life. In the movie Woodlawn, the discovery of a Christian view takes places into a teenager’s life. In all three publications of media we get a…

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