Christian Louboutin 's Shoes Are So Damn Expensive Many Days, By Charlotte Cowles

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Christian Louboutin’s shoes are very expensive because his fashion shoe brand is rarely found in any store. He increases his prices based on glamorous materials, the cost to make them, and design them. According to the article, “Christian Louboutin on Why Shoes Are So Damn Expensive These Days,” by Charlotte Cowles, “Christian Louboutin emphasizes on; materials, cost, rising production costs, and production itself” (Cowles, Charlotte, 2012). Christian’s red sole shoes are unique brands because he collects his materials from whole nations; for example, China, Bhutan, India and other foreign countries. He used different types of fabrics or other materials to make it more fashionable. As a matter fact, CBS news states “a fabric specialist, using a bespoke mold of the foot, sketches out the exact pattern the leather will take. Before a seamstress meticulously stitches the material together, an assembler creates the base. Then the leather and heel are added to the mold, before the pièce de résistance: the red sole (CBS, 2016). This statement shows Christian Louboutin is passionate about designing red sole shoes, that he is only interested in the best, and why he is one of the best fashion designers. It is still astounding that even though his prices are high, customers are still willing to pay any amount because of his fashionable design and the materials that went into them. Louboutin’s pricing is best described using the Cost Based Pricing Principle. In this method; a…

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