Christian, Islam, and Judaism Essay

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Vinh Phan
Chris Verschage
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April 19, 2008
Christianity, Judaism, and Islam
Every religion has its own goal, and their own path and believe to reach their goals, however there are also many similarities in believes. Although the followers of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam may see things differently, they all fundamentally hold the same values and codes. To Islam, the Prophet Mohammad’s teaching is a complete and final revelation. On the other hand, according to the bible, Christianity believes that Jesus Christ is the true lord and savior will grant you the access to heaven in the afterlife. Judaism is founded by Abraham, and it is the base from which both of the other two religions sprung. Even though the three
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In Christian scriptures, God never claimed divinity while the emphasis in the Islamic theology of God is “absolute unity;” God is sublimely one. Muslims think that by believing in the Trinity, Christians believe in three Gods. For them, God is One God. Judaism views the existence of God as a necessary prerequisite for the existence of the universe, and the existence of the universe is sufficient proof of the existence of God. Like Islam, Judaism also believes that there is only one God, no other being participated in the work of creation. With them, God is the only being to whom they should offer praise, no other is their God, and they should not pray to any other. They believe that everything in the universe was created by God and only God.
Prayer is to speak to God, to put ourselves in touch with God, remind us of His greatness, goodness. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam thought that through praying they are allowed to come into the presence if the Creator and Sustainer of the university, however, there are the differences in the purposes of prayer. Prayer is an important theme in Christianity. Prayer is the one way that Christians can commune with God on a daily basis. It is absolutely necessary that the Christian spend time in earnest prayer. To Christians, prayer is a meaningful act; they realize the full blessings that are available through prayer. They believe that God does hear and answer their

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