Christian Faith And Inception

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themselves in ways they may not have within differing circumstances. Less than forty-eight hours ago, I noticed a post which revealed an alarming indicator of the reformational perspective of interaction between the Christian faith and secular society. Someone posed the question, “Why is it okay for games to go into overtime, but if church goes over, then it is not?” Someone replied by saying, “Because they operate in entirely different spheres of our culture. Apples and oranges here, bud.” Such a response represents how reformational frameworks like sphere sovereignty can be misconstrued into a dissonance between faith and secular society. However, the opposite issue can also be seen in today’s Millennials when the spiritual and the spiritual become lenient with each other. The reformational perspective can provide a good philosophical framework for Christian faith within …show more content…
The way one expresses faith in God is shaped by a combination of what one is explicitly told to believe and what one is implicitly shaped by the world to react in accordance to. A healthy balance between the explicit and the implicit can be modeled through how ideas are implanted in the film Inception. Proper faith formation is achieved when ideas are not just planted in one’s being, but when one reaches the point that they make these ideas their own. Looking at the specific case of the eighteen to thirty-four-year-old Millennial generation in particular, the majority of this demographic has reached the point in their lives where they have left the home they spent most of their lives being raised in and are now forming their own homes. If the explicit idea of faith has not become their own implicit idea by the time they are away from these original influencers, the religious social imaginary of a fish who doesn’t realize it is wet can turn into the religious life of a fish removed from

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