Christian Faith And Biblical Ministry Essay

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In the American church faithful ministry has been traded for models more akin to modern business than biblical ministry. The desire for a more authentic expression of Christian faith has resulted in an overflow of passion to see the American church change. Consequently, a call has sounded for a return to a more faithful approach to ministry that rejects trendy models to follow the example of Christ Jesus. This call has become a ministry movement known as missional ministry. Missional ministry focuses on faithful communities lead by vulnerable Christlike servant leaders that shape their discipleship organically based on the context and unique call placed upon the particular community. The following is a theology of missional ministry focusing on faithful community, Christlike leadership and organic discipleship. Understanding missional ministry begins with defining the role of the church. In the Old Testament God calls the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt to be God 's witnesses as a people set apart by their culture and worship in a Pagan world. Similarly, the contemporary church finds that God still is calling His people to be a set apart community unique in the culture and worship in a secular world. In missional ministry the church is the faithful embodiment of an alternative sanctified community witnessing to God 's love and mission in the world. Hauerwas and Willimon write, “The church was called to be a colony, an alternative community, a sign, a signal to the world…

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