Christian Counseling And Christian Values Essay example

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What has been Learned This has been a very interesting class which has covered a very interesting topic , christian counseling. What that is is simply counseling with a base in traditional christian values and keeping in mind both the teachings of the Old and New Testament. There are many different things that come in to play here , far more than just simply using the values in tandem with counseling. The one other major things that comes to play is also applying the faith to the counseling , trying to use the faith together with the traditional psychological methods to counsel. One must be able to keep in mind everything and not only apply these things to their problems but also try and do it in such a way that it enriches their lives and can enrich their faith possibly. It must always be kept in mind that when one is in a Christian counseling setting that it is no longer just the counselor and the patient , God and their faith is also there with them to try and help facilitate the sessions.
What I Learned There are two main things that I have learned from this class. The first thing I learned was about christian counseling , what makes it christian counseling as opposed to normal counseling. Then the other thing that I learned is just about the broad science of psychology. There are many other things that I picked up on the way as well , like just religious tolerance in respect to counseling , people may wish to be counseled in a way that fits with their faith as…

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