The Practice Of Celibacy In Christianity

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Unit 6 Writing Celibacy by definition is the state of not being married; abstention from sexual intercourse; abstention by vow from marriage. The practice of celibacy has been directly linked to many religions throughout history. Because, celibacy is a series of actions undertaken to discipline and control the body, many religions felt like it was a way to become one step closer to purity. Let’s place the microscope on the long shared history of celibacy in Christian practice.
The practice of celibacy began in the early middle ages and spread through the western churches. Many priests were having multiple children out of wedlock. In order to keep the church pure, “Pope Benedict VIII issued a rule prohibiting the children of priests from inheriting
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Most results are centered on the same concept. From the Roman Catholic perspective, celibacy is a connection. Within all branches of Christianity, they want to be connected to “historical Jesus and their paramount goal is to be like Christ” (Ellen Ryan). In the book of Genesis, it says, God created human beings (both male and female) in His image. That’s where celibacy comes into play. Christian followers freely give themselves to God for the sake and well-being of the kingdom of heaven. During the practice of celibacy Christians are able to better serve God and mankind by not being distracted by the worldly affairs such as marriage and sexual intercourse. The New Testament shares multiple verses related to …show more content…
In the Bible it states, celibacy isn’t a practice for everyone. I think that Christian followers should have the choice and not be frowned upon if they choose marriage over celibacy or vice versa. Being a member of the Pentecostal branch of Christianity I was never taught the importance of celibacy. The only form of discipline involving sexual desire is “no sex before marriage.” Usually, that statement is said without any explanation. It does not break down the reasons why pre-marital sex is not allowed. It also does not express that lifelong celibacy is a choice. It seems more that marriage is an end goal and as long as one does not partake in sexual activates, they can remain on the path of righteousness. That’s not to say that celibacy is not important but it is not explained in the manner of controlling one’s desires in order to focus on Christ. Thus is why I think religious celibacy should be expanded among. Genesis 1:28 it states, “Be fruitful and multiply.” With that being said, sexual desire is not a sin nor is celibacy a requirement. Family and childbearing are two positive role seen in sexual expression in Christianity. Having a family is special. Christian practice stresses the idea of love. One is to love their family as God loved the Church. People are meant to reproduce, to replenish the earth, and raise the children in the “right

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