Christian Bible And The Bible Essay

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Paper #1 The Bible is one of the most read books, yet oddly enough it is one of the least understood books. Christians understand the Bible different ways, but one standard located within the Bible in this notion of Jesus, the son of God. Jesus helps Christians understand the Bible and ultimately by understanding the Bible Christians can understand God. Jesus was this character that appeared as a human, yet he possessed the powers of God. Jesus had this ability to link the Heavens, where God resides, to the human world. This concept helps explain how Jesus can help Christians understand this all mighty figure of God. Christians come to understand why it’s important to worship God through the miracles Jesus conducts on the royal official’s son, the Samaria women, and feeding over five thousand men with small rations all located in John. Alongside reading about these miracles, Christians grasp an understanding of how God wanted the bible to be interpreted when Jesus gets in the debate with the devil about interpretation of the bible in Matthew and Philip translate the passage for the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8. It is through his performance of miracles and interpretations that Christians can grasp the concept of God and the Bible. Throughout the Bible, Jesus conducts a series of miracles in order to obtain believers of God. It seems that people do not believe Jesus is the son of God, which means he would not have divine powers. In order to get people to believe in God,…

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