Christian Beliefs In Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol

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Charles Dickens has a large, varying assortment of many classic tales that bring wonderful memories to everyone 's minds. Dickens has crafted many amazing stories in his career as an author. One of his most famous stories was A Christmas Carol. This novel can relate to so many different ideological aspects towards Christmas. Dickens is a very influential author who talked a lot about the Christian ideologies through his works of literature. This novel brings to light many Christian beliefs, ways of life, and the many changes of society throughout this time. Dickens showed people that it is generally celebrated with their religions. Also that it is okay to bring their religion into the holidays and be out spoken with their religion. "God bless us, everyone!"( Dickens, Chp. 3). …show more content…
"Bob 's inablity to afford medical trestment for Tiny Tim."(Davis 1). Scrooge is shown this to try and change him into seeing that he needs to treat people better. He has to see that the way he acts has not only hurt his future but others as well. "I will live in the Past, Present, and the Future !" ( Dickens 199). Scrooge starts to see the error of his ways and to change how he has acted. He is taught that he needs to show love and care to others and to be easier on people and to be kinder to those who need the help.
Scrooge then decides to help everyone he has hurt in anyway he can. "I 'll send it to Bob Cratchit 's,"(Dickens 204). Scrooge buys a large bird to send to Bob 's house for his family since he has seen they only have a very small turkey. Scrooge also changes the way he treats them. He offers Bob a raise and spends time with them. He spends enough time with them to where he seems like another father figure to Tim, and Tim lives to become a big part of Scrooge 's life and they have a magical

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