Christian And Buddhism : Is It A Supreme Creator Or The Universe Was Self Created?

730 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 3 Pages
Although both of Christian and Buddhism lead people to do the right thing, to be superior and special. For something so similar that they must have their own significant different from origin, cultural acceptant, and practice. For both Jesus and Buddha are live and die for their believes but their perspective way of life was not a simply way of argument. Human is meant for something better but in center this both argument is, “Are there a supreme creator or the universe was self-created?” Creation is the top topic in the main different. Follow the document of age of sage, “To some people Buddhism appeals because of its promises of calm and enlightenment where traditional "Creationist" Christianity has come to be intellectually regarded, by many, as having been discredited by the challenge of alternative explanations of Human Existence such as the Darwinian Theory of Evolution. There is no "God" in Buddhism equivalent to the Christian God - minor gods and godesses (of Mercy etc.) do appear however. The Buddha is viewed as having been a, remarkable, Human Being who had attained unto Enlightenment and who, out of boundless compassion, had sought to offer guidance to all sentient beings in order to save them from their sufferings. Personal mortality is followed by reincarnations after better or worse "rebirths" depending upon merit attained in previous lives.” From Buddhism’s history have passing through many countries. And yet some Buddhism still believe in god and Pegan God…

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