Essay on Chris Mccandless 's The Wild

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An Author’s Manipulations Chris McCandless’s whole life was an adventure. After graduating from college, he left home for the rest of his short-lived life to go on expeditionss into the uninhabited wilderness of the United States. Two years later, he was found dead in an abandoned bus on the Stampede Trail on the border of Denali National Park, twenty-five miles west of Healy, Alaska. Jon Krakauer, an inspired author, wrote a 9,000 word article for Outside Magazine about this boy’s story and ultimate fate. Into the Wild was made in response to the countless requests Krakauer received for a more comprehensive story of young Chris McCandless. Jon Krakauer’s purpose in the novel is to justify the acts of Chris McCandless by using a forced perspective and manipulation of time in the retelling. In any biography, there is no possible way to have a truly accurate retelling of past events. This is especially the case in Into the Wild, due to the fact that the subject of the biography is now dead and the basis of the story is that nobody knows the full extent of what happened to Chris McCandless. Jon Krakauer made a valiant attempt to piece together this tale of mystery from nothing, but it causes a fault in that he inevitably influences the story as he tells it. One of the main reasons that Krakauer chose the story to write is because of his relation to the protagonist, in that he too was a young adventurer who rebelled from society to find sanctity in the wilderness. This…

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