Chris Mccandless 's The Wild And With This Book Essay

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In 1992, 22 year old Chris Mccandless disappeared from society and went to great lengths to cover his trials, but on September 6, 1992, he was found dead in a bus in the Alaskan bush. Today there are still many unanswered question about Mccandless’s death. Some of these questions are answered in Jon Krakauer’s book Into The Wild and with this book comes the argument over whether Chris was courageous for his journey. Chris Mccandless was not courageous for what he did. He was unprepared, uneducated, and unappreciative, despite the fact that he did it to create his own life. Chris was selfish and disregarded how this would affect others. He had very little knowledge of wilderness life and how to live off the land he had been born with a silver spoon in his mouth, yet despite this he still treked into forest and sent himself on his own suicide mission. Based upon the information of Chris Mccandless 's journey it is easily determined that he was careless and not fearless. Throughout his journey many of pitfalls are indisputably caused by his lack of preparation for the journey. Mccandless had an extreme misknowledge about climate and weather of his destinations he even states in his own journal when he went to Lake Mead, “‘A tremendous mistake...In extreme July temperatures becomes delirious.’ Suffering from heat stroke...” (Krakauer 29). Mccandless 's lack of knowledge also proved to be a foolish aspect of Chris’ journey while he was in Alaska. When Mccandless 's had first…

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