Chris Mccandless 's Self Reliant Essay

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When one thinks of an adolescent becoming an adult in America, one may think of graduating high school and then college, and later starting a career. Chris McCandless, however, mainly refused this concept, and sought a different idea all together, one that primarily included living in the wilderness. Although his journey concluded in death, Chris McCandless, through rejecting the norms of American society, succeeded in his version of a fulfilling life. McCandless did so by persuading the people that he came across to acclimate to his ideals, being self reliant, and idealistic in his approach of an enriching and experienced-filled life.
Chris McCandless’s view of a fulfilling was definitely not in accord with the classical version of being raised going to grade school, then graduating college, marrying someone and then bearing children and hopefully grandchildren. After graduating, with honors, from Emory in 1990, Chris completely vanished. He changed his name and donated his twenty-four thousand savings–intended for law school–to a charity organization. McCandless then trekked west across the U.S.–eventually to Alaska–with no communications from his family nor friends back home. According to Eric Hathaway, a high school friend of Chris, ‘“He didn’t get into trouble, he was a high achiever, he did what he was supposed to…He ended up going to Emory, even though he thought it was pointless, a waste of time and money.”’(77) However, what was valuable to McCandless, as Krakauer…

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