Chris Mccandless 's Into The Wild Essay

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¨...there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun” (Krakauer 40), remarked Chris McCandless, the idealistic adventurer who embarked on a once in a lifetime expedition throughout the North American wilderness in Jon Krakauer 's novel, Into The Wild. Within the story, McCandless was both an ill-prepared greenhorn and an adventurer; with his free-spirited, nature-loving demeanor he chose to leave the only place he had ever called home in favor of exploring the world and seizing the opportunities that awaited him, however along the way, his reckless nature and lack of experience resulted in many complications along the journey.
To begin, Chris McCandless was an adventurer at heart; he began his journey with a will to establish a new life and achieve ultimate freedom and although he perished, he accomplished his desires. It is understandable why he felt so strongly about leaving, coming from such a vulnerable state after discovering his father 's past, Chris was more eager than ever before to sincerely find himself. With this said, this expedition was a chance for McCandless to start fresh and break away from his skewered home life and conflicted relationship with his father. Rather than living unhappy and regretful, McCandless decided to venture off, exploring numerous cities and experiencing bounteous ways of life. He reveals that, ¨ The core of a mans’ spirit comes from new experiences...Don’t hesitate or…

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