Chris Mccandless Traits

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The storyline of this individual was a tremendous one. Watching the film and reading other people’s quotes about this individual was great. This human being that we are talking about is Chris McCandless.Chris McCandless is a human being that was intelligent and arrogant in his characteristics. This is a man who was very well educated but decided to go to Alaska for a trip to find who is and what his purpose is for life. To me personally he was dumb to go all the way out there in that area. He really didn’t have to go all the way out there, that right there showed that he no common sense at all and is crazy. I understand that he went out there to get away from all his problems that occurred but he really could have found a different handling than going all the way out there without any support. Callarmanś explanation was very reasonable because he is right about ḧim being ignorant and that he had no common sense but the only thing that I differ from him his that I do admire McCandless for his courage and his noble ideas. Chris McCandless was very well educated but yet he didn’t make the best choice on leaving into the Wild. He graduated from Emory High School and ended up getting his bachelor degree. Chris already knew all along what he wanted to do when he graduated and that was to be on his own and go into the wild where he could …show more content…
I stated my opinion that Chris is an human being who handles his situations in a different way. He took control of his own life without no peers, and was able to live a stable life for a while. We all know that his adventure was ignorant and sort of crazy and something that we would never expect and individual to do but we all have to realize that he made a difficult choice to go away from his peers and many of them were hurt but he did it to find his point of view in life. Chris is a intelligent human being who inspired many people because of this

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