Chris Mccandless Book Analysis

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Chris McCandless wrote in his journal: “Happiness is best when shared” when he was living on his own in the wild of Alaska. This statement can be viewed as deeply ironic considering McCandless intentionally severed his connections from society to be alone. What was his motive to do something so drastic? Jon Krakauer, a man of adventure and thrill seeking searched for an answer, and in his search he discovered the similarities between himself and Chris. Captivated by McCandless’ journey for self-discovery, Krakauer wrote a nonfiction book titled Into the Wild, about Chris McCandless and his life hoping to prove that what Chris McCandless did was not out of an insane mind, but was rather an act of nobility and heroism. Originally published in the year of 1996, the book was released and advertised for a second time in 2007 followed by the movie based on McCandless’s journey. Into the Wild represents the yearning of man’s soul to be freed from rule and control, and to be released from the pressure to be “perfect”. Many do not act upon the desire to escape and to start their life over, but Jon Krakauer believes Chris McCandless was an ambitious man searching for an answer, however inspiration …show more content…
Although he made mistakes, he was inspired and fed up with the way power is handled, the way society works, and the way he was taught to live his life: with expectations that would prepare him to conform to the mold that his parents set for him. Instead he wanted to break free of the chains that society had bound him under pressure of law and power. In Into the Wild, Krakauer uses his life experiences to demonstrate how McCandless symbolizes the thought of peaceful rebellion against society that few people choose to act upon. Through his writing, Krakauer reveals the truth that mistakes should not have to define a man, but only the nature of his soul, mind, and

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