Chris Kyle And The Sniper 's Similarities And Differences Essay

878 Words Oct 7th, 2016 4 Pages
Chris Kyle and The Sniper’s similarities and differences walk a fine line, they walk in the grey area where no one else wants to walk. Ranging from their misguided morals, their undeniable belief in religion, and their unwavering love for their families. To be a sniper you have to be to overcome any and all mental challenges, because half the battle is mental. Sniper’s are professional killers, we see what they do as just an occupation, when in reality it changes a person entirely. It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle. No longer answering to his given name, but to “The Sniper,” he takes profession extremely serious. Chris Kyle tells his readers, “The number is not important to me. I only wished I had killed more,” (Chris Kyle 5). Becoming a sniper means shedding human aspects, and letting the rifle become “a part of his body, his life, and his destiny” (Rania Abouzied 4). The Sniper says, “I did this when it was clean,” (Abouzied 2) He killed when he knew why he was killing, now there are no lines. The lines between good and evil have disappeared, and it’s one big gray area. This is where Chris Kyle and The Sniper differ, Kyle fights because he loves the action, The Sniper fights because he is forced to. Chris lives in the grey area and he enjoys it. The Sniper knows he walks the line, and changes his position. Life is a series of choices, and a sniper makes the most crucial choice in a person’s life, everyday. It’s simple to kill when you can’t see your victims. Yet, The…

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