Chosen Therapy Strengths And Weaknesses- Essay

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Chosen Therapy-Strengths and Weaknesses- When choosing the therapy modality for this family, symbolic-experiential therapy seemed to fit. I compare this family’s situation to Carl Whitaker’s reference his work as, “therapy of the absurd.” The classifications of prejudices, biases or any type of discriminatory acts are absurd to me. I had my reservations about the techniques that Carl Whitaker displayed when I watched the videos but for this family situation, I think it seems appropriate. The issues surrounding this family are complex, same-sex marriage (sexual prejudice) and require a straightforward approach. Symbolic-experiential therapy is not based on any one type of theory. Instead, the therapists as the main catalyst of helping the family understand the worldviews of the family members and, therefore, establish a better relationship within it. Each member takes part in greater self-discovery, which in turn leads to a better understanding of how the positives out weigh the negatives in allowing the family unit to work. With this family, symbolic therapy relies heavily on emotional logic rather than cognitive logic, which in most cases of sexual prejudice, is based on how a person feels as opposed to what is humanly correct. There is more room for flexibility when discussing issues and methods of treatment to allow for the family needs. This type of therapy could also be combined with other theory based therapies. This is the type of therapy where clients are invited…

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