Reflective Essay: My Chosen Primary Identity Group

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Chosen Primary Identity Group My chosen primary identity group is being a male. To me, this is different than being a man due to societal standards of what a “man” is like. The male population is very interesting to me because even though they seem to be at the top of the food chain, they face many difficulties just as women do. I am positive that underneath that tough masculine physique plenty of concerns are at play. As a feminist, parts of me hate the male population for sexualizing and abusing their unearned power against females. I spend little time thinking about what they go through and hold in to keep up this macho appearance. If I can learn about the male population from a more sympathetic point of view, maybe they do not even realize they are doing it at all. Bryan is my interviewee, but he is also my boyfriend. I see many differences between us within one glance. Obviously there is the physical difference, he is taller, more muscular, has facial hair, and MUCH bigger feet. Mentally we are different as well. He seems to do more based off of impulse and likes the “wing it”, unlike me where I follow all directions. Emotionally there is a huge difference. I cry a bunch more than he does; I empathize for many …show more content…
I have to admit though; I was surprised by the male privilege of not having to change his last name. A girl lives her whole life as her name and suddenly she is supposed to change it for he husbands? This thought makes me reconsider if I want to change my last name when I marry. I also noticed he felt uncomfortable a little when we were speaking of his privileges. I could tell he knew I did not get the things he does because I am a female. I felt bad asking about the stereotypes he feels the need to live up to because I could see it in his face he felt bad about not being tall or not having facial

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