Choosing The Life You Want Essay

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Choose the Life You Want: The Mindful Way to Happiness is a self-help type of book written by writer and teacher of positive psychology, Tal Ben-Shahar. He is also a consultant, expert on organizational behavior, and teaches an extremely popular course on “happiness” at Harvard University. In Choosing the Life You Want, Ben-Shahar wants to help you do exactly that—choose the life that you want to live. It is important to note that the book is comprised of about 102 chapters, although each is extremely short. They each comprise of some sort of quote, anecdote, explanation, and maybe a brief research study or two. The book begins with Ben-Shahar telling the reader that research findings show that at least 40 percent of happiness is based on the personal choice to be happy or not. He goes on to say that life is all about choices, and that everyone needs to realize that they almost always have choices—choices to do something or not, choices to put effort into it, and choices about how to let it affect them afterward. As he says later in the reading, people can’t decide how they feel, but they sure can make decisions on how to want to think and act, which in turn can really impact their emotions.
According to Ben-Shahar, the first step after acknowledging our breadth of choices in life is to choose to make choices. Don’t just let life happen, be an active participant in it. Small decisions that we make now can greatly impact us in the long run, whether it’s about posture,…

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