Choosing The Curriculum Becomes Complicated Since A Group Of Parents From Different Homeschooling Philosophies

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1. Choosing the curriculum becomes complicated since a group of parents from different homeschooling philosophies are involved in the decision making.
2. Parents may choose classes that are not your main priority; such as acting, drawing, or music. 3. If your child is a quicker learner, he may have to wait for the other students to learn the concept. In a way it kind of defeats the purpose of homeschool. 4. Co-ops age group are widely spread and although it could benefit the younger ones, the older students may become discouraged to be in a class with much younger students 5. Time spent to and from the co-op location can be a problem if you live far away from the group.7 Private schools in collaboration with homeschoolers

We have a local Christian school that offers classes for homeschoolers twice a week. They offer classes for kindergarten through 8th grade. The annual tuition is pretty high and books are not included. The subjects they teach includes Bible, language arts, and mathematics and History. One of the benefits is that the students are allowed to participate in sports and band with all the other full time students. The curriculum is pretty set, but a placement test determines the student 's math level. The problem is that the highest class they offered at the time was Algebra I, as a result if your children are too advanced it would not benefit them. These are schools that offer classes for homeschool children. Although classes are…

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