Choosing Software Applications Essay examples

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Choosing Software Applications

Choosing Software Applications
As an employee of a large state government agency, it is very important to have hardware and software that allows employees to complete business processes in a more efficient and timely manner. Often the decision has to be made whether or not to purchase new software or develop it in-house by the IT department. If new software applications are developed, it is important that the software can easily integrate with pre-existing applications if a total overhaul is not being executed. Software development can be a very costly venture; therefore, the upfront and long-term cost of developing software in-house must be carefully considered as an option. Not only are there
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The upgrade can consist of an upgrade of the existing software or the purchase of additional software in order to allow the agency to meet their goals and objectives. Being able to identify what the agency needs are from a software perspective in order to perform efficiently and effectively is crucial, which is why careful planning and consideration must be given in regards to how potential purchases of software is dealt with.
In keeping with developing new software, rather than purchasing one that it is already created, a vendor can also be considered as well. This option should only be considered if the vendor supplied the newly created software in a short period of time than what the agency’s IT department can produce. It is important to keep in mind that when purchasing from an outside vendor it is important that the system can be altered to meet the agencies needs. The software should also be web accessible as people are now more mobile and able to work from different locations. The ability to access the Internet is a key component of being able to serve both internal and external clients. Having software available at any time improves work productivity.
Infrastructure cost should also be considered as purchasing software can most often mean that the software is hosted at the provider’s own location, and the cost of maintaining those servers is added into

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