Choosing My Plate Plan For The Food System Essay

754 Words Feb 11th, 2015 4 Pages
Choose My Plate Plan The website is an excellent tool that enable individuals to see their daily food group objectives. The food tracker tool allows the user to create a profile and log their daily food intake. Based on the user’s age, gender, height, weight, and physical activity level, the tracker displays where the user measures up to their goals. The program has various specific tools. The Food-A-Pedia is essentially a food encyclopedia that allows the user to compare foods and their nutrition value. The Food Tracker is a log that enables the user to track the foods they eat and compare them to their nutrition targets. There is a physical activity tracker that logs physical activities that have been completed. The tracker also includes features such as a weight manager to enter and track weight progress, a recipe builder to save the user’s favorite nutritious recipes. My favorite feature is the My Coach Center. In the My Coach Center, I was able to set personal goals that I personally want to achieve. I can keep track of my weight, physical activity, and caloric intake, intake from each myplate food group and nutrient intake. Each of these features is helpful in following through with my goals. I can receive advice, nutrition information, and virtual support at any time of the day when I need it. It is also an excellent way for me to track my food intake and ensure I am meeting my daily food group goals. The tracker has a chart that…

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