Choosing My Own Consultancy With Serving My Tribe Essay

753 Words Jun 30th, 2016 4 Pages
While I care very much for and about serving my tribe, I feel at this point that I also need to begin looking out more for myself. Doing that might include me again establishing my own Consultancy. Consulting can be such a lucrative business with very little overhead and can provide a person with a lot of flexibility in regard to when and where they work and what exactly they do. I have a Masters Degree in Business Administration and did own, market and operate my own Consultancy when I lived in Oregon several years ago until I chose to return home to Michigan to work again for my tribe. I currently work as a Data Analyst in a Marketing Department that serves our five Kewadin Casinos. So I found a Forbes article by Bruce Rogers at that indicates “The traditional lines of demarcation between advertising agencies, public relations firms and now strategic consultancies have been blurring for some time. In many ways, these developments follow the ongoing transformation of the CMO role from one of the grand orchestrator of the organizations’ communications efforts to a more fundamental role as a strategic driver of growth and enterprise value.“ That really excites me! I have years of experience in leading teams, training and developing and monitoring the implementation of strategic plans and now with my Marketing expertise including data analysis and…

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