Essay on Choosing Friends Is Not Like Accepting A Request On Facebook

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Choosing friends is not like accepting a request on Facebook. Even though most people have multiple friends on their Facebook account, there are probably quite a few they’ve never met. The process of finding true friends is not equivalent to accepting a friend request. People cannot review a timeline, or view a profile, to decide that person is formally their friend. As the process begins with this quest to find an equal, the potential for a relationship will depend on their overall personality. They will need to establish a rapport to develop a long-term association. When looking for a friend(s), they ought to consider people that are honest, direct, loyal, and accepting of others. Additionally, there are other traits that factor into how people relate to each other. Occasionally, people will latch onto folks with contrasting personalities, as a means to experience perhaps what is missing within their own personality. For instance, if an introvert feels isolated they may seek to befriend an extrovert, in turn, that recluse may appreciate the motivation in order to escape their mundane life. Imagine life as an introvert where reading a good book, or spending quality time alone is acceptable, suddenly the need for excitement ensues. Consider, the introvert has opened up for a new relationship. Consequently, this potential friend was overbearing which disrupted the introverts normal comfort level. Additionally, further consequences can arise, especially if this…

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