Choosing A Smartphone Is Not An Easy Decision Essay

825 Words Aug 21st, 2015 4 Pages
Everybody tends to have a cellphone nowadays. In the communications generation it is really important to be connected with people around. Thereby we need to own a cellphone, specifically smartphones, to join in the social networks. Choosing a smartphone is not an easy decision. Generally there are two big options when it comes to smartphones, Android phones and iPhones. Both of them can provide a great experience to the user, but there are many differences between these products leading people to started big discussions about which one is better. We can see a lot of jokes this “war” all over the internet. Many cartoons and advertising videos are showing the sides of this fight. Even Google, the owner of the android label, started to play with it putting a robot peeing on an apple hidden on Google maps. But letting these jokes behind and looking at this battle with an impartial view, from far we can see a discrepancy between these options when we look at their prices, operational systems, and the options of choice.

According to a recent research conducted by the technological website ComScore, 61% of people who buy their first smartphone preferred an Android Phone. One main point that leads people to buy an Android Phone is the price of a device. Android Phones differ from iPhones in that they are cheaper, yet they still can show a great performance and the same settings. The amount of money that people spend buying an iPhone is enough to buy two good new Android Phones,…

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