Essay on Choosing A Major For Higher Education

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The article choosing your major discusses the topic of major selection in higher education. This article is written by Germeijs [Al et.] The main purpose of the study was to find out how distinct adolescents’ decision-making profiles are when choosing a major in higher education. This study was conducted in Belgium. Students were expected to select their major by the end of grade twelve.
In this research, students were situated into groups that include, achievement, foreclosure, moratorium, and the diffusion cluster. These adolescents were placed in groups based on their scores on identity exploration and commitment to their major choice. Adolescents encounter several “Decisional tasks” when selecting a specific major. The study shows that there were six decisional tasks used to identify distinct educational decision-making profiles. They consist of Orientation, being knowledgeable with the fact that you need to make a decision and engage in the process, self-exploration when you reflect and find information about one’s self, environmental exploration, finding information about career option, decisional status which is “progress in choosing alternatives”, and finally commitment which is when a person is certain about their decision and have enough confidence about it. Before students settle on an option, they approach a period of major exploration. This is useful in terms of choice stability, satisfaction and adjustment [1].

The method that was used in this study was…

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