Choosing A Major By Sophomore Year Essays

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Coming to college and choosing what you want to do for the rest of your life is very scary, but it is really rewarding and uplifting when you finally decide what you want to do. It is important to consider several factors while choosing what you would like to do. However, there are several other aspects that go into your college experience as well that would be helpful to think about including choosing a career, achieving success, undergraduate preparation, professional programs, and adjusting to campus life. One of the main aspects that college students stress about is what they are going to major in and do with that major. It is important to start thinking about it and get several ideas, but don’t freak out and let it stress you out because I personally am still undecided. I believe that choosing a major by sophomore year is ideal because it gives you time to think about it and you dont make rash decisions based on your stress. It is important to get connected with the resources that Central Michigan University offers. One of the resources is career services who will help you better find what you’re interested in, skills, and your personality type. Also, you could visit organizations that highlight the field you might be interested in and see if they are really something you would consider. Using the Central Michigan Website ( to explore the section of career services would be highly beneficial to start looking to what you would like to go into. You may also…

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