Choosing A Firm Goal : Becoming A Psychological Counselor Essay

1296 Words Jul 23rd, 2016 null Page
My undergraduate career to date has been a process of reacquainting myself with my strengths and values - and learning about the possibilities open to me - that culminated in choosing a firm goal: becoming a psychological counselor. Since making that decision, I have worked to develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding needed to build a solid foundation for graduate-level training, and now seek a Master 's degree in counseling psychology in preparation for becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor.
While working toward my first bachelor 's, I had a lot of trouble deciding on a major because although my real interests were in Psychology, everyone I spoke to about it would respond slight demeaningly. I recall getting a lot of “what are your going to do with that,” and “psychology majors don’t make much money or find employment easily.” It was hard not to take this personally because I found myself doubting my intellectual abilities; wondering why I couldn’t excel in subjects like math to be an engineer, or chemistry or even Playing with the idea of pursuing business programs, or pre-optometry, As I progressed further into my studies, I knew at least I wanted to further my education into graduate school, getting a master’s degree and eventually a doctoral degree. however, the joke took on a sour note as I tried to hold on to what I perceived to be two incompatible passions and my once-clear professional goals grew clouded. This and other factors combined to send me…

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