Choosing A Career Administrator Administration Essays

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Deciding to pursue a career in administrator requires looking at education through a variety of roles. Each day in the life of an administrator will be unique as education consistently presents new and different challenges and working with people requires an administrator to develop the skills to adjust and adapt. A look in to the day of an administrator can be summarized in an informal speech made by Dr. Robert Duron, of Texas Association of School Boards. Dr. Duron presented five things all administrators should keep in mind as they approach each day and each new challenge. According to Dr. Duron, as an administrator, you must have clear intentions. Administrators are faced with pressures and challenges from other administrators, school boards, parents, teachers, and students and will never lack for someone to criticize the work that is accomplished. It is important to always keep the goal of education of students in mind and to remember why you are working in the field of administration. Administration should be full of professionals who are there to influence students in a positive way and that influence should be held in highest regard. “It has been observed that the principal is second only to the teacher in his or her impact on the student” (Fullan, 2010, p. 14). An administrator should never take lightly the importance of the job that is placed before them. As decisions are made regarding budgets, hiring, curriculum, and facilitating campuses, the…

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