Essay about Choosing A Business Owner Can Be Tricky

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Choosing a franchise to partner with in the endeavor to become a business owner can be tricky. One must do the proper research to ensure the highest possible chance for success. With the advent of the Internet, it has never been easier to find information on almost any subject. A great place to look for ideas for possible franchises to join is the fastest growing franchise lists available at It is important to choose a franchise that is interesting and whose product is important to the future owner, has acceptable opportunity costs, adequately addresses the three fundamental questions in economics, and clearly identifies the factors of production.
As I looked over the list of fastest-growing franchises, one company jumped out at me. That company is Fresh Healthy Vending ranked number 61 among the fastest growing franchises. This firm describes the company as “innovators, pioneers, and market leaders in healthy vending and organic coffee vending”(FAQ). Their goal is to provide “fresh, healthy, and affordable”(FAQ) vending options to health conscience Americans. I chose this company for a couple reasons. In recent years, I have become more and more concerned with obesity in the United States. My family has always been overweight, and as we worked to get our own weight problems under control, we found it hard to find healthy snacks away from home. No matter how well we planned meals and snacks, it is inevitable that we would run short at some…

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