Essay about Choomis

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Table of contents
1. Introduction _____________________________________________ 2
1.1 Context ______________________________________________ 2
2. Selection and Recruitment _________________________________ 2
2.1 Selection _____________________________________________ 2
2.2 Recruitment ___________________________________________ 3
3. Training and Development _________________________________ 3
3.1 Training ______________________________________________ 3
3.2 Development __________________________________________ 4
4. Reward and Incentives ____________________________________ 4
4.1 Reward ______________________________________________ 4
4.2 Incentives_____________________________________________ 5
5. HR professionals support
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At the end, it is always preferable to choose the talented candidates whether they applied by themselves or after a recruitment proposal so BTI can put the right person in the right place; otherwise, random selection would put the institute in an awkward position.

2.2 Recruitment
Recruitment is an integral part of selection and the reason is that HR strategies are depending on the success of hiring process. As mentioned in paragraph number 2.1, it is really important to identify, motivate and retain talents in BTI, and to do that the institute should compete in searching and selecting the best candidates by introducing some attractions to the selected applicants to come out with the best quality BTI can get of trainers to reach one of the biggest institutes goals which is graduating battalions of qualified trainers and technicians to the working market.
Despite the fact that all recruitments in BTI should be approved by the Civil Service Bauru (CSB) in kingdom of Bahrain, however, new

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