Chocolate Milk Persuasive Essay

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“ The sugar is coming and it just ain’t stopping,” says British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. The health expert filled a whole school bus with `57 tons of sand representing how much sugar is consumed by american children drinking chocolate milk around the world every week. I think chocolate milk should not be served in schools because. First, chocolate milk has little to no vitamins. Next, there is way too much sugar in it considering that kids drink a lot of it every day. Finally, chocolate milk can lead to health problems. First of all, chocolate milk has little to no vitamins in it compared to plain milk. According to, TruMoo chocolate milk(served in Argonaut) has zero percent of vitamin C and iron. Ten percent of vitamin D …show more content…
But you might say”But what if we only drink a little to good amount of chocolate milk?” Well, if you actually do, it is okay for you to drink chocolate milk but most people drink too much chocolate milk, specifically about 10 cartons per week for each person according to some eagle eyed lunch ladies in schools. But if you have researched a lot about chocolate milk and disagree with these facts. I have another one for you that will most likely change your mind, chocolate milk contains caffeine. A drug which makes you have a hard time sleeping and getting your brain all refreshed and ready for the next day. Even though plain milk also has caffeine it is not enough to reduce your sleepiness. Whereas slight changes can happen because of the caffeine you consume from chocolate milk. Next up, calories and cholesterol. Chocolate milk contains quite a bit of calories and cholesterol. In Los Angeles, the superintendent of a lot of elementary schools passed a rule that there would be no more chocolate milk or strawberry milk served in the schools. The superintendent based this decision on surveys with children about them drinking chocolate milk and because of research that it can cause serious health problems such as high cholesterol value and obesity caused by taking in more

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