Essay Chocolate Is Not A Healthy Food

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Chocolate has become an incredibly popular food product around the world, so people are able to find various kinds of chocolate in the vicinity nowadays. People might think of chocolate as just one of the snacks, and it could be the one that parents do not want to give too much to their children because they think chocolate is bad for health. Many of people also consider that chocolate is not a healthy food because it is often known as one of the junk foods, which usually contain too much sugar and fat, but there are also positive effects of eating chocolate. Negative effects also exist on chocolate consumption as many people know since chocolate is not a food that contains only positive effects for health, such as blueberries or salmon that are called super foods. Even though Chocolate is not a super food, the chocolate related businesses are increasing because many people still love chocolate for no reason. Chocolate has various health aspects, which are risks of chocolate consumption, beneficial health effects of chocolate consumption, and psychological effects of chocolate consumption. One of the health aspects of chocolate is risks of chocolate consumption. There are negative effects of chocolate consumption as many people expect, and one is chocolate leads weight gain and heart disease. Chocolate bar contains saturated fat and sugar, which elevates blood cholesterol that puts at risk for heart disease and stroke. Moreover, the sugar in the chocolate bar does not have…

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