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Coach K: A Matter of the Heart
There is no greater thing that you can tell someone [than], “I believe in you, you’re good, I’m there for you.”
— Coach K, quoted in Time magazine’s selection of America’s Best 2001

There was shock and disbelief in “K-Ville,” the grassy area just outside Duke University’s
Cameron Gymnasium. Late one Friday afternoon in July of 2004, hundreds of students gathered to speculate about the future of their beloved basketball coach, Mike Krzyzewski (pronounced Sha-shefski and widely known simply as Coach K). Normally a place of tremendous energy and optimism,
Krzyzewskiville had
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For the exclusive use of X. Han, 2015.

Coach K: A Matter of the Heart

Learning from Coach Knight at Army
What I learned from him was the incredible passion it took to be successful, the amount of

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