Chm Lab lesson 2 paper

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Lab 2
Measurements: Accuracy and Precision A. Data Tables (36 points)
Place your completed data tables into your report here: (original Data
Data Table 1
Original Data
Calculated Data
Length of aluminum plastic packet 5 cm 50 mm
Height of aluminum plastic packet 6.5 cm
65 mm
Temperature of faucet water 26 degrees C
78.8◦ f
Temperature of ice water 7 degrees C
44.6◦ f
Volume of water in 10-mL graduated cylinder 7.1 ml
Volume of water in 50-mL graduated cylinder 7 mL

Data Table 2
Calculated Data
Inside diameter of 50-mL graduated cylinder 5.5 cm

Height of 50-mL graduated cylinder 7.2 cm

Water temperature
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If the accepted value for the density of aluminum is 2.70 g/mL, calculate the percent error of your density calculation, using the formula listed in #5 above.
(2.70 - 2.4 / 2.70) X 100 = 11 % error
11. What were the potential sources of error in this experiment? Why is it necessary to know the error of one's measurements? Suggest some ways of minimizing error, if you were to repeat the experiment.
Being 100% sure that there is only 10ml of water in the cylinder when you start the experiment as well as using the proper utensils needed are a few ways to minimize errors.
Part III
12. Provide your value for the either the weight of the Earth, the volume of the atlantic ocean, or the temperature of the sun (in scientific notation) along with the citation. Then, show both conversions you chose to complete for this value. Show all work for your conversions. (12 points)
The weight of the earth, per, is 5.972E24 Kg. This is written in scientific notation as 5.97 x 10 ^24
13. Explain why the use of scientific notation in chemistry is very important. (10 points) It helps to minimize the amount of numbers that are drawn out so that people can work quicker as well as read the information more accurately.
14. Give an example of a time when you have used unit conversions in everyday life, and explain why that knowledge is useful. (12 points)

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