Chloroplast: A Short Story

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The room was dimly lit, cold, and humid. Krebs leaned against the washing machine covered in years worth of dust. Nadh sat next to him with her hands over her mouth to prevent herself from laughing.
“Guys come on, where are you?” called out Chloroplast, “ATP can you tell me where they are?”
“Aren’t you the one that said that that’s cheating a few minutes ago?” replied ATP.
“Ugh, Fadh, a little help here?”
“Sorry, no can do. Don’t make rules in the first place if you aren’t willing to follow them yourself.” He replied nonchalantly, as he flipped through a new issue of Photosynthesis Times.
“Don’t you get tired and feel like throwing in the towel sometimes?” hinted Glycolysis.
“Yeah.” sighed Chloroplast.
“No, that only means more laundry to do.”
“Oh my gosh, thank
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Krebs and Nadh held their breaths for a few seconds before,
“AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” Krebs and Nadh quickly jumped out from behind the washing machine. Chloroplast was on the floor, in front of the dryer. Her body shook violently as she stared at the old hunk of metal. She turned her head towards them, and with tears streaming down her face, her quivering finger pointing at the machine’s gaping mouth. Nadh and Krebs quickly rushed to Chloroplast’s side and peered inside.
Nadh’s hand hovered over her mouth, suddenly all the color in her face had drained away, and she slowly sank to her knees, “Oh my god,” she whispered. Too scared to move she stayed frozen. Krebs stood over the two and stared in horror at what was inside. In a matter of seconds, ATP, Fadh, and Glycolysis joined them to see the horror. Inside the dryer, a bloody torso with a tattered black shirt rest inside, the pungent scent of blood had made its way into the air, and the machine’s basket was dripping with blood as if someone had turned it on with the torso inside. With shaky hands, Fadh closed the

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