Chivalry Is The Foundation Of The Manors That Changed The Lives Of Many People

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Chivalry is the foundation of the manors that we have today. Habits such as, holding doors open for people; pulling out woman’s chairs and being respectful all come from the middle ages. Although it is different today, the version of chivalry that was used back then has made a difference in the standards of a gentleman today. Along with courtly love, chivalry has also impacted the politics and military of the middle ages. Knights became a god-like figure and held more power than what could be controlled. This factor made a shift in power that led to a power struggle later on.
The term chivalry comes from the French word,” chevalier”, which means horseman. The original concept transformed into a complex code that changed the lives of many people in the middle ages. The code of chivalry was split into three sets of duties. The first of them being duties to woman, this involved, “a general graciousness and gentleness towards all women.” it is the foundation of courting today. Courtly love is a term that describes to the rules and boundaries of relationships outside of the marriage, was also an idea that was created with chivalry. When this concept was created, arranged marriages were very common. They used marriage as a political move and it had, “little to do love” . So when this idea came about, any woman, married or not, could be admired by the knights of the court.
It is commonly said today that chivalry is dead. However, many rules still apply in today’s royal family.…

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